Should I loosen the ropes when I do not use it for a while ?
- No, it's like the guitar , leave the instrument as it is .

Why use different woods ?
- Each wood has different mechanical and acoustic properties, and produces a sound, a vibration, and a specific resonance.

Should I change the strings after a while ?
- After a while, the strings (particularly external low strings that are wound) oxidize, the sound loses its brightness, and becomes increasingly dull with time. At this point, when you put new strings, contrast is such that it is like a new beginning.

Why an harmonic spoon ?
- First, I was doing only "classics", that is to say that the instrument is held in an horizontal position, supported by an arm, and the mouth comes to rest on the thinner sleeve end. Harmonic spoon allows to keep the Cosmicbow upright, it is much more relaxing for the arms, neck, body in general (the pictures of the two types of cosmicbows are in the manual). Other advantage, to play with a microphone, you can send sounds in front of you, whereas with the "classic", the sound go towards the side, which is less convenient.

Can I put strings of different diameters without risk ?
- It is better to keep the original diameter but you can test others, it also depends on the way to play. If the diameter is too thin, it does not sound enough, and if it is too big, the sound of the hits will be too loud, and resonance will disappear.

What kind of polish do you use ?
- I make my polish from natural plant products (oils and resins) and very good quality.